Komprise Elastic Data Migration

Komprise Elastic Data Migration is a SaaS solution available with the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform or standalone. Designed to be fast, easy and reliable with elastic scale-out parallelism and an analytics-driven approach, it is the market leader in file and object data migrations, routinely migrating petabytes of data (SMB, NFS, Dual) for customers in many complex scenarios. Komprise Elastic Data Migration ensures data integrity is fully preserved by propagating access control and maintaining file-level data integrity checks such as SHA-1 and MD5
checks with audit logging.

In 2022, Komprise introduced Hypertransfer, which creates dedicated virtual channels across the WAN to accelerate cloud data migrations. By establishing dedicated channels to send data, Komprise Hypertransfer minimizes the WAN roundtrips, which mitigates SMB protocol chattiness and dramatically improves data transfer rates. Tests done using a dataset dominated by small files shows Komprise accelerates cloud file migration 25x faster.


As outlined in the white paper How To Accelerate NAS and Cloud Data Migrations, Komprise Elastic Data Migration is a highly parallelized, multi-processing, multi-threaded approach that improves performance at many levels.


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