Showback is a method of tracking data center utilization rates of an organization’s business units or end users. Similar to IT chargeback, the metrics for showback are for informational purposes only; no one is billed. Some organizations refer to showback as “shameback.”

The Showback model aims to allocate the costs of IT resources and services to the business units or departments that consume them. It helps organizations to better understand and track their IT expenses and make informed decisions about resource allocation and utilization. Showback involves collecting data on IT usage and presenting it in a way that is transparent and easily understandable for business stakeholders. This information can be used to make informed decisions about future investments in IT infrastructure, as well as to negotiate service level agreements and establish chargeback policies.


In the white paper Getting Departments to Care About Storage Savings, the Showback model is explained.

With Komprise analytics-driven unstructured data management, authorized departmental users can monitor and understand their data usage (examples: how many and what type of files, where stored and biggest consumers) in an interactive dashboard. This is an essential part of a showback model.

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A Showback Report from Komprise

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