Scale-Out Storage

Scale-out storage is a type of storage architecture in which devices in connected arrays add to the storage architecture to expand disk storage space. This allows for the storage capacity to increase only as th3-Keys-to-Solving-Data-Growth-Challenges-June-2020-1e need arises. Scale-out storage architectures adds flexibility to the overall data storage environment while simultaneously lowering the initial storage set up costs.

With data growing at exponential rates, enterprises will need to purchase additional storage space to keep up. This data growth comes largely from unstructured data, like photos, videos, PowerPoints, and Excel files. Another factor adding to the expansion of data is that the rate of data deletion is slowing, resulting in longer data retention policies. For example, many organizations are now implementing “delete nothing” data management policies for all kinds of data. With data storage demands skyrocketing and budgets shrinking, scale-out storage can help manage these growing costs.

Whether it’s NetApp, Pure Storage, Dell EMC, Qumulo or other enterprise scale-out storage technology, including cloud services from AWS, Azure or Google, Komprise Intelligent Data Management ensures you get maximum cost savings and value from your unstructured data.

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