Streamline NAS with IBM and Komprise

Analyze NAS Data Usage and Growth
Get a single view of your NAS data across storage vendors and platforms to understand what data is hot, cold, and how fast data is growing.

Understand Cost Savings with IBM Cloud Object Storage
Interactively tune your policies on what data you want to archive and/or replicate, and to which targets (IBM Cloud Object Storage System on-premise or on the IBM Cloud). Get a customized ROI and estimated savings on your primary, backup and DR costs based on your policies.

Integrated IBM and Komprise Solution
IBM Cloud Object Storage works seamlessly with Komprise – simply pick your IBM COS targets in Komprise, and data is automatically moved by policy. Moved data is accessible exactly as before from your source NAS, or as files or objects from IBM COS. Komprise provides a transparent file gateway to the moved data without lock-in.

Effortlessly Simple
Komprise drops in to your environment in 15 minutes – no agents, no stubs, no disruption, no infrastructure, no complexity or costs

Scale On-Demand
Scale as needed to handle petabytes and beyond by simply adding more virtual machines with no scaling limits or dedicated infrastructure