IBM Cloud Object Storage and Komprise Data Management

Manage Data at Scale in the Cloud with Security

Komprise and IBM enable enterprises to manage data growth while cutting costs by identifying inactive/cold data across primary storage that is consuming expensive resources and moving this data by policy to IBM Cloud Object Storage (either private or public cloud).

The simplicity, scalability and cost-efficiency of Komprise combined with the scalability and security of IBM Cloud Object Storage provide an enterprise solution that is easy to deploy, easy to manage, cost-efficient and secure.

Key Benefits:

  • Postpone/Shrink Additional Storage Purchases: Data is growing fast but IT budgets remain tight. Even though over 70% of data is cold, most businesses have all the data on primary storage and are replicating and protecting the data on primary storage – inefficient and costly.
  • Provide Seamless Path to the Cloud: Customers want to leverage scale-out object storage and cloud, but they cannot afford to disrupt existing file-based users and applications. Seamlessly extend existing on premise storage to object and cloud without any changes to user or application access.
  • Reduce Operational costs (Backup, DR): By eliminating cold, unchanging data from the actively managed footprint and moving it to resilient object storage, a significant amount of the data being backed up is eliminated, thus speeding up backups and reducing backup costs.