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Komprise helps us figure out how much cold data we have and tier it to Azure.

Dan Streufert, Medplast Group

Komprise enables you to cut 70%+ file storage and backup costs with transparent cloud tiering, cloud replication and cloud migration. Komprise analyzes across file storage and migrates file data fast to Azure storage, reducing costs with transparent cloud tiering of files to the right class of Azure Blob. Users continue to access the tiered files as before from the original location, and they can also directly access them natively as objects in Azure. Komprise also enables cloud replication of file data to Azure to provide low-cost cloud disaster recover (DR) with ransomware protection.

You get the easiest, fastest, no lock-in path to the cloud for your file and object data. Together, Komprise and Microsoft Azure enable your organization to:

Find the Right File Data to Migrate to Azure

Get a single view of your data across Dell EMC, NetApp, Windows and other NAS & object data across vendor platforms is growing, being used, and which is hot vs. inactive, cold data. Plan what data should be migrated, tiered or replicated to Azure, and instantly visualize your cost savings.

Migrate Files, Objects to Azure Files, Azure Blob, Azure NetApp Files, Qumulo CloudQ

Migrate petabytes of data from any other NAS or object storage, simply and reliably with Komprise patented Elastic Data Migration to Azure Files, Azure Blob, Azure NetApp Files and Qumulo CloudQ. Get full data fidelity, reliably fast data transfer, and intelligent data migrations using analytics.

Cut 70%+ Costs, Tier Data without Lock-in Across Azure Files, Blob, 3rd Party NAS

Manage data across Azure Files, 3rd Party NAS in Azure and Azure Blob, so the right data is on the right tier at the right time.

Maximize Azure Usage with Object and File Access

When Komprise migrates and tiers data into Microsoft Azure, it’s still accessible as files from your NAS and as files or objects in Azure. Users and apps can continue to use the files as before. And, you can use any native Azure app including Azure AI and ML services directly on your data. There is no lock-in to your NAS or to Komprise.

Install in Minutes—No Stubs or Agents

Komprise drops into your environment in 15 minutes – no agents, no stubs, no disruption, no infrastructure, no complexity or costs.

Scale On-Demand

Start small and scale on-demand to handle petabytes and beyond by simply adding more virtual machines. The Komprise architecture is designed to scale elastically with your needs.

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