Azure Storage

What is Azure Storage?

Microsoft Azure hosts a complete array of cloud data storage options to meet the diverse data needs of enterprises today, including backup, tiering, data lakes, structured and unstructured data management. Azure Storage Services include:

  • Azure Blob: This is a scalable object store best suited for storing and accessing unstructured data and to support analytics and data lake projects.
  • Azure Files: File shares for cloud or on-premises deployments that you can access through the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.
  • Azure Queues: Allows for asynchronous message between application components.
  • Azure Tables: A NoSQL solution for schema-less storage of structured data.
  • Azure Disks: Allows data to be persistently stored in blocks and accessed from an attached virtual hard disk.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage: A storage platform for ingestion, processing, and visualization that supports common analytics frameworks and provides automatic geo-replication.

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