Amazon Web Services and Komprise Data Management

Amazon Web Services and Komprise deliver a seamless solution that accelerates enterprise adoption of the cloud by transparently extending on premise storage into the cloud without any disruption to existing users or applications.

Komprise identifies what data can move to AWS, moves the data to the appropriate storage class in AWS (S3, S3 IA, Glacier), and provides ongoing lifecycle management for the moved data.  Komprise provides a file gateway to the moved data so the objects are accessed as files on the source, and can also be viewed as objects in the cloud.  Komprise addresses archiving, data replication and disaster recovery use cases with AWS.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate cloud transformation by non-disruptively moving data
  • Delay costly capacity expansions
  • Reduce Tier 1 NAS costs by 50% or more
  • Reduce snapshot and backup footprint and costs
  • Transparent file-based access for users and applications even though moved data is stored as objects
  • Ongoing lifecycle management in AWS
  • Leverage the various tiers of AWS S3 and Glacier
  • Minimize cloud retrieval costs