Unstructured Data Analysis and Insight

To better manage explosive data growth, save costs, and get more value from your file and object data, you need to first understand your data to know what’s cold and stop treating all data the same. Get fast and meaningful insights on petabytes of unstructured data—all analyzed in the background by Komprise. Create a Global File Index and power your big data analytics and AI/ML initiatives with the right data. It’s the only scale-out, adaptive, non-intrusive, analytics-driven data management software that delivers the insight needed for smarter data storage decisions.


Data growth is exploding.

Storage capacity is running out. Backups are taking longer. Budgets can’t keep up.

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  • Analyze billions of files in hours without having to move them first.
  • Get insight across all your file and object storage: on-prem or in private or public clouds.
  • Know how much you have, what kind, who’s using it, and how fast it’s growing.
  • Identify your cold data to move to cheaper storage.
  • Run “what-if” scenarios based on different policies to see savings.
  • Plan storage needs based on data growth and strategy.
  • Convey plans with compelling visual charts and graphs.

Learn more about Komprise Deep Analytics. Read the Komprise Analysis white paper.

What is Komprise Analysis?

Komprise Analysis provides strategic insights into unstructured file and object data across your on-premises and cloud enterprise IT infrastructure:

  • Analyze across all your NAS, NFS, SMB, dual shares, as well as cloud storage.
  • See how much data you have, how fast it is growing, what is hot/cold.
  • Quickly understand file data types, top users, top groups, top directories.
  • Perform cost/benefit modeling and capacity planning for tiering and data management.

With Komprise Analysis, you quickly gain visibility across storage silos and the cloud to make data-driven decisions. Plan what to migrate, what to tier, and understand the financial impact with an analytics-driven approach to data management and mobility. What if you could significantly reduce your data costs by transparently moving/tiering infrequently used data to less expensive storage? What if you could tier data without disrupting users or applications and feed select data to AI and ML analysis tools to help generate revenue?

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Can you use Komprise Analysis for an unstructured data assessment?

Yes. Performing a data assessment with Komprise Analysis involves the following steps:

  • Connect to the Komprise Director with the custom cloud URL provided for your organization;
  • Bring up a minimum of one virtual machine called the Komprise Observer at a location that has network access to the storage you wish to analyze;
  • Add network attached storage (NAS) file systems and enable shares to analyze data or to provide the URL of your cloud buckets.

That’s it! You are ready to start analyzing, filtering and gathering critical visibility and modeling financial cost savings across your multi-vendor file and object storage environments.

Learn more about the Komprise Architecture.

Does Komprise Analysis include built-in cost modeling (FinOps)?

Yes. Discussing storage financial modeling is an excellent opportunity to review your actual data ownership costs (see data storage costs). Data ownership costs include not just the hardware where the data resides but also the costs to protect the data from mistakes or loss and for future access. Adding up these costs is summarized as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Komprise provides a place to capture these costs and uses them with the actual amount of unstructured data to calculate the customer specific TCO. With this information, you can form unstructured data management strategies to ensure the right data is in the right place and at the right time to either produce business value or save costs.

Once these values are measured and understood, you can then directly measure the amount of return on a particular storage investment relative to the investment’s cost, to project a Return on Investment (ROI) of future storage purchases. Komprise provides a unique and easy-to-use tool to calculate TCO and then capture reports to compare ROIs for future storage options. Using the combination of the Plan Editor, shares Filter, Cost Model, and the data from the shares analyzed, Komprise projects financial costs of a variety of possible unstructured data management policies. This can be valuable when evaluating changes in storage and overall data management strategies.

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