OneFS FilePolicy

Dell-EMCOneFS FilePolicy is a feature of Dell EMC’s PowerScale Isilon OneFS operating system. It enables organizations to automate and enforce policies for managing files within the Isilon cluster based on specified criteria. With OneFS FilePolicy, administrators can define rules and conditions that determine how files are organized, protected, and managed within the file system. These policies can be based on file attributes such as file type, file size, creation date, access patterns, or any other metadata associated with the files.

OneFS FilePolicy Features

  • Automated File Management: FilePolicy allows administrators to automate file management tasks, such as moving, copying, or deleting files based on predefined policies within Isilon environments. For example, files older than a certain date can be automatically moved to a lower-tier storage tier or archived to a separate storage system.
  • Storage Tiering: OneFS FilePolicy enables storage tiering by automatically moving files between different storage tiers based on policies. This helps optimize storage utilization and performance by placing frequently accessed or high-priority files on faster storage tiers, while less frequently accessed or lower-priority files can be moved to lower-cost, slower storage tiers.
  • Data Protection and Replication: FilePolicy can be used to define policies for data protection and replication. For instance, it can automatically replicate critical files to remote locations or create snapshots at regular intervals to ensure data durability and availability.
  • Data Retention and Compliance: FilePolicy enables organizations to enforce data retention and compliance requirements by automatically applying policies for file retention, archival, and deletion. This helps ensure that files are retained for the required period and are disposed of properly when no longer needed.
  • Customizable Policies: OneFS FilePolicy offers flexibility in defining policies based on specific business requirements. Administrators can set up multiple policies with different criteria and actions to accommodate varying file management needs.

By leveraging OneFS FilePolicy, organizations can automate and streamline file data management tasks within their Isilon cluster. It helps optimize storage utilization, improve data protection and compliance, and reduce manual intervention for routine file management operations.

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