Five Industry Data Migration Use Cases


No enterprise data migration is the same — and since Komprise has been used by customers to migrate petabytes of data for many years now, we can say this with assurance. In fact, one of our migration customers uses Komprise on 85 PB of data! Unstructured data migration projects can be complex, especially because they often involve disparate source and destination technologies.

Komprise routinely migrates petabytes of data (SMB, NFS, Dual) for customers in many complex scenarios:
  • Disparate NAS
  • Thousands of shares
  • Migration jobs scheduled via API
  • Regulated industries with stringent security needs that require access permissions to be translated, logs of MD5 checksums and more.

Komprise Smart Data Migration for File and Object Data

Komprise simplifies and eliminates this complexity and its associated costs without the traditional approach of heavy professional services with our Smart Data Migration. The tenets of this approach include:

Simplicity: Komprise is analytics-driven so you can plan before you migrate. Komprise provides analytics of not just your data but also of your environment so you can determine what data to migrate, to where, what transfer rates the network can handle, and if there are any bottlenecks to address before starting the migration. We are the only solution that provides holistic analytics.

Fast: Customers see 25 to 27 times faster migration speeds using Komprise over other approaches. Komprise also eliminates unnecessary migration overhead and costs by transparently migrating data that was previously tiered even by proprietary storage solutions such as Dell EMC Isilon CloudPools or NetApp FabricPool, without requiring rehydration.

Efficient: Komprise identifies potential bottlenecks before you migrate to avoid delays, errors and other common migration issues. Komprise also transfers and verifies not just the data but also the permissions and the data integrity in each iteration.

Cost-Effective: Komprise analytics help customers understand data so they know which data can migrate and tier to which class and which data should stay on-premises. This could show IT that 70% of their data hasn’t been accessed in over a year and could be tiered to object storage in the cloud while the remaining active or hot data moves to new NAS on-premises or file storage in the cloud.

Here’s a look at some of the more complex file and object data migrations we’ve completed across multiple sectors and technologies.

Data Migration Case Studies

Industry: Healthcare File Migration

Overview: A hospital group used API to migrate petabytes of SMB files from EMC Isilon access zones to Qumulo.

Results: Komprise set up approximately 400 migration jobs via scripting using the APIs, and in a few weeks migrated 278 million SMB files spanning nearly 1500 shares.

Details: The customer environment consists of EMC Isilon with multiple access zones and approximately 3000 shares for a total of roughly 4 PB of data. The organization was retiring older Isilon and moving data to Qumulo. Goals included simplifying operations with policy-driven data movement, analytics, and capacity management. Because of the number of shares and folders in the environment it was unrealistic to set up migrations one at a time via the UI, which led to Komprise recommending the API approach.

Komprise for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Industry: Customer Service File Migration

Overview: Cloud contact center modernizes and consolidates multiple active shares to non-empty destination.

Results: Successfully migrated 900 TB (1.2 billion files) across 135 shares to date.

Details: The customer environment consists of NetApp 8 & 9 Cluster Mode and Pure FlashBlade. The customer wanted to migrate 1PB from NetApp to Pure Storage, where the source is active and destination is not empty, a non-standard NAS migration path. This is a common use case for customers undergoing modernization and consolidation. Komprise did not propagate deletes from the source to target.

Industry: Semiconductor File Migration

Overview: Semiconductor data center consolidation effort involves moving petabytes of data internally and cloud tiering to Wasabi.

Results: Komprise migrated 2.5 PB and 4.6 billion files from NetApp to Pure and tiered 4PB to Wasabi.

Details: Company was consolidating 30 data centers down to eight in a NetApp environment with 27 PB of total data. Komprise migrated 10 PB of active or “hot” data to Pure NAS while tiering 17 PB of cold data to the cloud.

Komprise for Engineering and Semiconductor Enterprises

Industry: Public Sector File Migration

Overview: U.S. Government agency manages security via Komprise roles to migrate NFS and SMB files across sites.

Results: Komprise migrated more than 126 TB of data (560 million files) from Isilon to Qumulo.

Details: The customer environment consists of Pure FlashArray File Services and NetApp 7 with 500 TB, 475 shares, and a mix of NFS and SMB files. The project involved migrating data between strategic sites while adhering to stringent security and data encryption requirements. The customer leveraged Komprise Deep Analytics to allow authorized end users to tag data and IT to run the migrations.

Komprise for Public Sector

Industry: Media & Entertainment File Migration

Overview: Large media company performed two migrations: moving object data from one cloud to another and file data from NAS to AWS.

Results: Komprise migrated petabytes of StorNext data and 250 TB of cloud object data from Wasabi to Amazon S3.

Details: The customer environment spanned Wasabi Cloud for object data, Quantum StorNext for file data. The project required Komprise to migrate 250 TB of data from Wasabi to AWS S3 and petabytes of data from StorNext to AWS. The customer was able to analyze its object and file data to assist with selecting the appropriate AWS S3 tiers for the target, simplified in one solution.

Komprise for Media and Entertainment

Komprise is a launch partner for the Azure File Data Migration program which offers Azure customers free use of Komprise to efficiently and reliably migrate unstructured data to Azure.

Komprise has achieved AWS Migration Competency status.

Komprise is used by Pure Storage Professional Services for data migrations.

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