Isilon Tiering

The Isilon Tiering solution from Dell EMC is called PowerScale CloudPools.
Dell EMC PowerScale Isilon CloudPools software provides policy-based automated tiering that allows for an additional storage tier for the Isilon cluster at your data center. CloudPools supports tiering data from Dell PowerScale Isilon to public, private or hybrid cloud options. This technology is a form of storage pools, which are collections of storage volumes exported to a shared storage environment.
Cloud tiering and data tiering (or archiving) can deliver significant cost savings as part of a cloud data strategy by offloading unused cold data to more cost-efficient cloud storage solutions. The approach you take to Isilon tiering can either create an easy path to the cloud with native access and full use of data in the cloud or it can create costly cloud egress and lock-in. Array block-level tiering is a mismatch for the cloud. Isilon cloud tiers blocks rather than entire files, which the following ramifications:
  • Limited policies result in more data access from the cloud.
  • Defragmentation of blocks leads to higher cloud costs.
  • Sequential reads lead to higher cloud costs and lower performance.
  • Tiering blocks impacts performance of the storage array.

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PowerScale Isilon Tiering Choices

When it comes to considering PowerScale Isilon data tiering and PowerScale Isilon cloud tiering, it’s important to understand your cloud tiering choices. Cloud tiering and archiving can save you millions by offloading infrequently accessed cold data to cost-efficient cloud data storage. But, the approach you take can either create an easy path to the cloud for file data with full use of data in the cloud or it can create costly cloud egress and lock-in.

Smart Migration from PowerScale Isilon with Komprise: Analyze your data first, tier off cold data, deliver 25x faster cloud data migrations and deliver transparency / no disruption to your users and native data access / no storage-vendor lock-in for your file and object data.

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