Unstructured Data Workflows

Unstructured data workflows can include a variety of processes and technologies, such as data management tools, document management systems, content management systems, and collaboration platforms. Data is no longer static and needs to move between systems and clouds to satisfy changing requirements and to support big data and AI/ML initiatives. Technologies and processes that automate and streamline these workflows can shave significant time and costs from finding, preparing and moving data into data lakes and analytics platforms or to meet compliance requirements.

Overall, unstructured data workflows play an important role in modern data management and are critical for organizations that generate and use large volumes of unstructured data. By implementing effective unstructured data workflows, organizations can ensure that data lives at the right place and at the right time to satisfy a variety of enterprise and departmental needs.

Komprise Smart Data Workflows for File and Object Data


Komprise Smart Data Workflows allow you to define and execute automated processes, which could be industry or domain specific, to search and fine, migrate and tier, and ultimately get greater value from unstructured data. With Smart Data Workflows you can create custom queries across hybrid, multi-cloud, on-premises and edge data silos to find the file and object data you need, which is often locked away in data storage silos, execute Komprise or external functions on a subset of data and tag the data with additional metadata. ​Move only the data you need and manage the lifecycle of unstructured data intelligently.

Watch the unstructured data management workflow with Komprise CTO and co-founder at Cloud Field Day.

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