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Komprise announced Storage Insights to unify storage management and unstructured data management with the release of Komprise Intelligent Data Management 5.0.

Storage-Insights-PR_Website-Featured-Image_1200px-x-600pxWhat is Storage Insights?

Storage Insights is a console that is included in all editions of Komprise including Komprise Analysis and Komprise Elastic Data Management. Komprise has always provided visibility across heterogeneous storage on data, including how data is being used, how fast it’s growing, who is using it, what data is hot and cold, and where it lives. Storage Insights delivers a Data Stores console that adds storage metrics to these data metrics to further simplify file and object data management.

  • See all your storage organized by data center locations and clouds and view the available capacity, data size, data growth, growth percentage, amount of cold data, department the share belongs to, vendor-specific metrics and more.
  • Storage Insights is a management console to quickly understand both data usage and storage consumption and where you add new data stores for analysis and data management activities.
A single view for unified data and storage management.
Customize your view and track and manage what matters most.

Why Storage Insights?

Increasingly distributed and multi-storage enterprise IT organizations are frustrated that each storage vendor tends to report free space or storage consumption differently and they must search across different places for this information. By adding storage metrics and a customizable interface to Komprise Intelligent Data Management, customers don’t have to look in multiple places.  They get one consistent definition and view of their storage metrics and data metrics.

Komprise unifies both data and storage insights in a single console with Storage Insights. Customers can easily spot trends like which shares have the most anomalous activity or which shares are filling up the fastest or which shares are owned by a particular department that have a lot of cold data.

Learn more about Komprise Intelligent Data Management 5.0.

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