Adaptive Data Management

What is adaptive unstructured data management?

As data footprint continues to grow, businesses are struggling to manage petabytes of data, often consisting of billions and billions of files. To manage at this scale, intelligent automation that learns and adapts to your environment is needed.

Data management needs to happen continuously in the background and not interfere with active usage of storage or the network by users and applications. This is because unstructured data management is an ongoing function, much like a housekeeper of data. Just as you would not want your housekeeper to be clearing dishes as your family is eating at the dinner table, data management needs to run non-intrusively in the background.

To do this, an adaptive data management solution is needed – one that knows when your file system and network are in active use and throttles itself back, and then speeds back up when resources are available. An adaptive data management system learns from your usage patterns and adapts to the environment.

In The 10 Principles of Komprise Intelligent Data Management, adaptive data management is summarized this way:

Komprise throttles back as needed when your data storage or network are in active use, so you never have to monitor or schedule when Komprise runs.


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