Smart Data Workflows

What are Komprise Smart Data Workflows?

Smart Data Workflows, part of the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform, is a systematic process to discover relevant file and object data across cloud, edge and on-premises datacenters and feed data in native format to AI and machine learning (ML) tools, data lakes and cloud file storage or cloud object storage. Smart Data Workflows solve common problems in unstructured data management: finding and moving the right unstructured data into data lakes, analytics platforms and cloud storage. Most of the work in finding and categorizing unstructured data to feed machine learning pipelines has been manual, delaying time to value and impeding the results of machine learning and AI projects.


Users can create automated workflows for all the steps required to find the right data across your storage assets, tag and enrich the data, and send it to external tools for analysis. The Komprise Global File Index and Smart Data Workflows together reduce the time it takes to find, enrich and move the right unstructured data by up to 80%.

The components of Smart Data Workflows:

Search: Define and execute a custom query across on-prem, edge and cloud data silos to find the data you need.​

Execute & Enrich: Execute an external function on a subset of data and tag it with additional metadata. ​

Cull & Mobilize: Move only tagged data to the cloud.​

Manage Data Lifecycle: Move the data to a lower storage tier for cost savings once the analysis is complete.​

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