Komprise Hypertransfer Migrates Data to the Cloud 25x Faster

Komprise Hypertransfer Migrate File Data to the Cloud 25x Faster

Accelerate WAN file migrations with Komprise Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration

Komprise delivers groundbreaking performance improvements for common cloud data migrations with the SMB protocol. Komprise Hypertransfer solves the vexing challenge of WAN migrations of large-scale SMB data sets: chatty protocols causing high overhead, WAN latency and network bandwidth availability issues.

This paper reviews the results of Komprise Hypertransfer performance testing and outlines how Komprise Elastic Data Migration functionality delivers 25x performance gains compared to other tools.


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    “Komprise made our data migration to the cloud as seamless as possible. While researching ways to move large amounts of data, we were confronted time and time again with limitations that made us believe the migration would never happen. Komprise was a sigh of relief for our entire team.

    David Passamonte
    IT Manager
    Molecular Pathology Lab Network, Inc

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