Drill Down Storage Costs

As seismic processing technology advances, an ever-increasing amount of high-volume and high-velocity data is required for interpretation of seismic data. This high-performance computing results in large volumes of data that are active for a short period but must be retained for a long period of time. In an industry subject to volatility and on flat or shrinking budgets, how does IT manage rapid data growth without disrupting users or critical applications?

They Use Komprise.
Komprise provides a comprehensive solution for managing data that provides oil and gas organizations crucial analytics and insight into their data as well as the tools they need to lower storage costs by up to 70% without disruption to their users or mission-critical applications.


Komprise delivers what every Oil & Gas company wants – lower storage and operational costs

Fortune 100 Oil & Gas Company

Use Case


Oil and Gas companies are looking to modernize IT, create a sustainable path to the cloud, and move to a business-centric model. Data, both seismic and general IT, is growing rapidly and most of it needs to be kept for a long time. Komprise helps you manage data intelligently through its lifecycle and cut costs without any changes to users or applications.

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Key Benefits for Oil & Gas

Cost Saving

Maximize your tight IT budget by identifying and moving inactive (cold) data off expensive on primary storage using Komprise. Komprise lets you identify cold data across your organization and set policies that are both cost-effective and can be customized for different data types and business units.

Simple to Use

Komprise is radically simple to deploy and use. In 15 minutes, you can start getting visibility into data growth and usage. Use our planning and analysis tools to plug in your unique costs to get real ROI calculations and capacity forecasts based on the objectives you can set globally or modify for each business unit.


Komprise moves data transparently so users and applications see their files as if nothing has changed. Komprise does this without the use of static stubs or by making changes to hot data paths so you always will have access to files.

Modern Architecture

The volumes of data created by oil and gas exploration are only increasing in number and size. Komprise software utilizes a shared-nothing grid architecture that grows on demand and to handle this massive scale of data with intelligent automation.