Distributed, Scale-out Architecture

With Komprise, nothing is shared. There is no central database. Observers are stateless and run in a highly-available, scale-out grid. The platform is standards based (NFS, SMB, S3), there are no agents or stubs and it is never in the hot data path. Komprise is delivered as a cloud service. Easy to set up and easy to use.

✓ Standards based
✓ No agents, no stubs
Transparent, not in hot data path
Native access
✓ Scale-out
✓ Easy, cloud service


See Komprise Compatibility for a list of supported platforms.


One Data Management Platform, Many Use Cases


Distributed, Elastic Grid Services

The Komprise Intelligent Data Management Platform is powered by a scale-out, shared-nothing architecture. There is no central database. Komprise Observers run in a highly-available, scale-out grid. Additionally, the platform is standards based (NFS, SMB, S3). Komprise is delivered as a cloud service. Easy to set up. Easy to use.

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Global File Index

Komprise continuously indexes all files in place, creating one global view across silos. It’s the data access benefits of a global namespace or global files system, without sitting in the hot data path Kompries customers to search, tag, and create curated data sets. This is the basis of automated and intelligent unstructured data management and data mobility. Copy, move delete and operate on curated data sets through the policy-based automation engine. Find just what you need, enrich with tagging and deliver AI-ready data to your analytics pipelines and AI/ML engines. Execute functions and accelerate time-to-data value.

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Transparent Move Technology™

Patented Transparent Move Technology (TMT) moves and manages data without being in the hot data path. No disruption—users and apps can still access data from source. Native format—users can access data directly from the target. With Komprise TMT, file and object duality is achieved.

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Intelligent Data Management Chalk-Talk Videos

Take a deep dive to learn more: Check out our Storage Field Day 22 presentations.

Why Data Management Should
be an Independent Layer 

A review of the unstructured data management challenges seen by Komprise, as well as recent momentum and customer stories.

Komprise Intelligent Data
Management Demonstration

An overview of Komprise, highlighting multisite controls, Deep Analytics Actions, and Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT).

Komprise Transparent Move
Technology™ Chalk Talk

An overview of how Komprise TMT transparently extends your NAS to any storage without disruption, while keeping native access.

Cloud Tiering Done Right

There’s a rush to the cloud for file and object data, but Smart Data Migrations and Tiering to the Cloud require a data-centric approach.

Smart Data Workflows Overview

An introduction to Smart Data Workflows, including a use case demonstration of this new functionality. Automate data discovery, deliver the right cloud native data.

Smart Data Workflows Chalk Talk

An overview of how Komprise delivers the right data to the right location and teams at the right time.

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