Cloud Object Storage

What is Cloud Object Storage?

Cloud-storage-problem-blog-callout@3x-1536x1056Cloud object storage is a type of cloud data storage that is designed to store and manage large amounts of unstructured data in the cloud. Unlike file-based storage systems, cloud object storage services are based on a simple key-value model that allows data to be stored and retrieved based on unique identifiers (or keys) that are associated with each piece of data.

Also see Object Storage.

Cloud object storage is ideal for storing documents, images, videos, and other unstructured data types that doesn’t fit neatly into a structured (relational) database. Cloud object storage systems are designed to be highly scalable and can store large data sets, making them well-suited for big data applications and use cases such as backup and archiving, content distribution, and data analytics.

Examples of Cloud Object Storage

Some examples of cloud object storage include Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and IBM Cloud Object Storage Services. These cloud object storage services offer a range of features such as data durability and availability, built-in encryption, and flexible data access controls, as well as APIs and integrations for developers to easily incorporate object storage into their applications.

Komprise TMT: Cloud File and Object Duality

Komprise-Kumar-TMT-Deep-Dive-Blog-Part2-Social-768x402One of the core components of the Komprise Intelligent Data Management Platform is the patented Transparent Move Technology. When Komprise tiers files to a new target, typically object storage like AWS S3 or Azure Blob, moved files remain in native form, which means when a file becomes an object, a user sees it as a file. In addition to no end user disruption, preserving duality of file and object data across silos enables native cloud services on the data and ensures your data is not locked into a proprietary storage vendor format. This approach also ensures that hot data at the original source is handled by that storage vendor for optimal performance.

In an interview, CEO and co-founder Kumar Goswami put it this way:

Without using any agents, you can tier the data to the cloud and still access it from the original source as if it had never moved AND access it as a native object in the cloud to leverage cloud services like AI/ML cloud applications. This file to object duality, without agents, without getting in front of hot, mission-critical data is something no one else can tout.

Komprise partners with cloud object storage vendors to deliver data-storage agnostic unstructured data management as a service.

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