Success with AI depends upon feeding the right data at the right time to AI platforms. This is difficult and costly given the dispersity of unstructured data and its tremendous volume in enterprises. Komprise delivers a Global File Index for granular search and tagging of data across silos. In addition, with Komprise Smart Data Workflows, you can create custom workflows to easily search, find, and tag the exact files you want across all your hybrid cloud storage and create a plan to move the right unstructured data to a data lake or AI tool. Komprise delivers an independent, analytics-based unstructured data management platform that automates data workflows for AI.


The Komprise Global File Index and Smart Data Workflows together reduce the time it takes to find, enrich and move the right unstructured data by up to 80%.

Why Komprise for AI Data Workflows?

  • Easy Search and Tagging: Komprise provides a platform that rapidly indexes petabytes of data and delivers a simple interface to search for data, enrich it as needed with additional metadata such as demographics or project keywords, and then move the required data to the desired location for analysis.
  • Smart Data Workflows: This Komprise feature is an automated process that saves the time and hassle of manually finding and moving the right data sets to analytics tools. It facilitates tagging and enriching data and automates feeding AI engines with the right data. You can harness the value of AI with ongoing workflows to achieve analytics goals for the business.
  • Automotive: With Komprise, an automotive company can: find crash test data related to the abrupt stopping of a specific vehicle model; use an AI tool to identify and tag test data with “Reason = Abrupt Stop”; move only the related data to a cloud service for analysis and; delete the irrelevant data or move it to a cloud service for archives.​ Watch the webinar with AWS.
  • Healthcare: A hospital could use AI to scan and analyze medical images like MRIs, X-rays and CAT scans and then tag the images with diagnosis codes. Researchers can then find images by diagnosis to support their projects. Learn more about Komprise for Healthcare.
  • Call Center: A company could employ AI to run sentiment analysis on call center recordings. The resulting customer satisfaction scores are recorded to each audio file with a tag. This allows employees to find relevant audio recordings to understand customer behavior and improve best practices.
  • Smart-Data-Workflows-600x600-4PII detection and protection: There’s no easy way to find and isolate personal data such as HR files, patient data and financial information continuously across billions of files in an enterprise. Komprise can integrate with machine learning programs like Amazon Macie to analyze data sets for PII, and then tag them as “PII” and send them to secure, immutable storage. Read the AWS blog post.
  • Surveillance/law enforcement: Unstructured data, such as bodycam and dashboard camera video, along with social media posts and text messages are evidence that can be critical for investigations. AI data workflows can find and analyze needed files and tag them to support research and e-discovery during a case or investigation.

All of the above processes can run continuously as needed.

What is a Smart Data Workflow?

Komprise Smart Data Workflows allow users define and execute automated processes to manage and move data, which are often industry and domain specific. With Smart Data Workflows you can create custom queries across on-premises, edge and cloud storage silos to find the precise data you need, execute external functions on a subset of data and/or tag the data with additional metadata. The workflow can move data to the desired location and operate continuously as needed.

What is the role of data governance in AI data workflows?

How generative AI technology and the laws and industry standards relating to it will evolve is a work in progress. Yet it’s clear that the ability to define and enforce basic data governance standards will be paramount for taking full advantage of AI solutions without assuming unnecessary risks. Many organizations will need to rethink or update their unstructured data management strategies. They need solutions and processes that allow them to find, monitor, secure and manage unstructured data of all types, and across all locations, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. That’s the only way to ensure that generative AI tools and services can generate insights based on unstructured data while simultaneously protecting organizations from data leakage, privacy and ethics violations and even lawsuits.

The Komprise unstructured data management solution can help. By automating and centralizing the workflows
necessary to identify and manage data of any type across any cloud or vendor platform, Komprise makes it easy to work with unstructured data at scale as part of generative AI initiatives and a variety of other use cases.

Read the white paper.

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