Smart, Fast, Proven File and Object Data Migration

No more labor-intensive, disruptive and dreaded data migrations. Whether migrating to the cloud, cloud NAS or to a NAS in your data center, with Komprise Elastic Data Migration you get the fastest, most predictable and cost-efficient data migration for file and object data. Elastic Data Migration includes Komprise Analysis and is included in the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform or is available standalone. Don’t just lift and shift – learn more about analytics-first Smart Data Migration today.

Analysis-First Unstructured Data Migration

  • Plan migrations with analytics of your data and your environment
  • Know data by age, size, usage, costs, and ownership
  • Know potential bottlenecks before they become issues
  • Auto parallelize at every level to maximize performance
  • Minimize network usage to migrate efficiently over WANs
  • Accelerate transfer of small files, overcome latency with Komprise Hypertransfer
  • Migrate more than 27 times faster than generic tools like rsync for NFS workloads across heterogeneous clouds and storage
  • Migrate 25 times faster than generic tools like Robocoby for SMB workloads even over WAN
  • Auto retry if network or storage is unavailable
  • Migrate with all file permissions, access control and data integrity intact
  • Manage chain of custody reporting with checksums and integrity reporting per file.
  • Thwart ransomware attacks by not using network access to cloud storage during migration
  • Pick any source (NFS, SMB, Dual, Object) and choose your destination; Komprise does the rest
  • Use the dashboard to monitor and manage hundreds of migrations
  • Get status updates with reports and dashboards
  • Scale performance with elastic parallelism and load balancing across Komprise Observer virtual machines
  • Minimize network usage to increase efficiency over high-latency networks
  • Supercharge your cloud migrations with Hypertransfer

Why Komprise Elastic Data Migration?

  • Analyze Data and Network
  •  +25x Faster SMB, NFS, S3/Object
  • Secure WAN Hypertransfer
  • Full Fidelity & Chain of Custody
  • UI and API-Driven
  • Flexible Migration Options
  • Auto-Parallelism, Scale Out
  • No Cutover Surprises
  • No Database Bottlenecks
  • No Expensive Hardware
  • No Expensive Licenses
  • No Costly Manual Effort
  • No Rehydration Needed
  • No Chatty Slowdowns

Five Industry File and Object Data Migration Use Cases

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What is cloud data migration?

Cloud data migration is the process of moving data from on-premises or one cloud environment to another. This could involve transferring data to a different cloud service provider, upgrading to a newer version of a cloud service, or consolidating data from multiple sources, typically on-premises, into a single cloud platform. Learn more.

What are some common barriers to unstructured data migrations to the cloud?

Unstructured data is everywhere. From genomics and medical imaging to streaming video, electric cars, and IoT
products, all sectors generate unstructured file data. Data-heavy enterprises typically have petabytes of file data,
which can consist of billions of files scattered across different storage vendors, architectures and locations. And while file data growth is exploding, IT budgets are not. That’s why enterprises’ IT organizations are looking to migrate file workloads to the cloud. However, they face many barriers, which can cause migrations to take weeks to months and require significant manual effort. These include:

  • Billions of files, mostly small
  • Chatty protocols
  • Large WAN latency
  • Limited network bandwidth

Learn more about Hypertransfer for Komprise Elastic Data Migration.

What are the common cloud file migration options?

Cloud migration of file data can be complex, labor-intensive, costly, and time-consuming. Understanding your data migration options can help.

  • Free Tools: Examples include rsync and robcopy for unstructured data migrations.
  • Point Data Migration Solutions: Typically have complex legacy architectures and require significant professional services.
  • Komprise Elastic Data Migration: Makes cloud data migrations simple, fast, reliable and eliminates sunk costs since you continue to use Komprise after the migration. Komprise is the only solution that gives you the option to optimize cloud storage costs by placing cold data in object storage classes while maintaining file metadata so it can be promoted in the cloud as files when needed. Learn more about Smart Data Migrations.

The easy path to the cloud for unstructured data.

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