At Komprise, our mission is to help businesses handle the incoming deluge of data with analytics-driven data management that helps customers know, move and control their data to save costs and extract more business value—without disrupting access.

Our Leadership

Kumar K. Goswami, the CEO of Komprise
Kumar K. Goswami

Kumar has spent 23+ years delivering products that solve complex IT problems with simplicity and cost-efficiency

Krishna Subramanian President and Chief Operating Officer of Komprise
Krishna Subramanian
President & COO

Krishna is passionate about creating business models that delight and deliver value to customers while being efficient to scale

Michael Peercy Chief Technology Officer of Komprise
Michael Peercy

Mike is a minimalist who takes pride in creating scalable architectures that are easy to manage and just plain work

Mohit Dhawan Senior Vice President Engineering of Komprise
Mohit Dhawan
SVP of Engineering and Cloud Operations

Mohit brings a proven track record of building engineering teams that deliver killer products

Mike Munoz
Chief Revenue Officer

Mike has led sales teams from inception to IPOs in four prior companies and builds an entrepreneurial sales culture

Darren Cunningham
VP, Marketing

Darren has spent 20+ years building and running global software marketing teams focused on analytics, data management and modernizing enterprise IT infrastructure and operations

Randy Hopkins, Vice President Global Systems Engineering and Enablement of Komprise
Randy Hopkins
VP, Global Systems Engineering and Enablement

Randy brings 20+ years in technical leadership roles, and a proven track record building Systems Engineering

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