Native Data Access

Native Data Access: Having direct access to tiered or archived data without needing rehydration because files are accessed as objects from the target storage.

The Benefits of Cloud Native Data Access

Gartner estimates that by 2025 more than 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, up from 30% in 2021. According to the 2022 State of Unstructured Data Management report, enterprise IT organizations are looking to optimize data storage efficiency by moving more data to the cloud. As a result cloud NAS file data storage options are attracting attention. In fact, cloud NAS topped the list for storage investments in the 2023 (47%), followed closely by cloud object storage (44%). Enterprise data storage vendors such as NetApp have popular cloud NAS offerings alongside cloud-native offerings such as Amazon FSx and Azure Files. These services are ideal for active or “hot” data requiring high performance and response times; rarely-accessed or “cold” data can live on object storage which delivers significant cost savings for long-term storage.

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Komprise-Cloud-Native-Access-Webinar-blog-SOCIAL-1As you migrate file workloads to the cloud, it’s important to not limit the potential of your data by locking data into a proprietary format. Cloud native data access is essential to unleash the potential of the cloud. Cloud native is a way to move data to the cloud without lock in, which means that your data is no longer tied to the file system from which it was originally served.

Watch the TechKrunch session: How to Access Tiered Data in the Cloud

This short webinar demonstrates how Komprise allows you to access your stored data wherever it’s stored, whenever you want, without rehydration. Because moved data are always intact, you can extract data value with both file and native access – and without penalty. Read the Komprise Architecture Overview for more information on Native Access.

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