Global File Index

What is a Global File Index?

Komprise Deep Analytics enables precise unstructured data management at enterprise scale, creating a Global File Index spanning petabytes of file and object data to find specific data sets and then create a data management plan to systematically take action on your data set. Unstructured data ends up in multiple silos, so an index needs to be global across different datacenters, storage, backup and cloud infrastructure.

Once you connect Komprise to your file and object storage, your data is indexed and a Global File Index is created. You do not have to move the data anywhere; but you now have a single way to query and search across your file and object stores. Say you have some NetApp, some Isilon, some Windows servers, some Pure Storage at different sites and you have some cloud file storage on AWS, Azure, and Google. You get a single index via Komprise of all the data across all these environments and now you can search and find exactly the data you need with a single console and API.


Benefits of the Global File Index include:

  • Users only move the data they need, with the ability to create queries on countless file attributes and tags such as: data related to a specific tag or project name, projects that are no longer active, file age, user/group ID’s, path, file type (aka JPEG) and specific extensions, data with unknown owners.
  • Eliminates the manual effort of finding custom data sets and moving them separately from different storage silos since Komprise can create a virtual data set based on the query and systematically and continuously move data from multiple file and object silos to the target location.
  • Improves IT and business collaboration around data, as data owners/users can participate in data tiering. 

Watch the TechKrunch session: Deep Analytics Actions with One Global File Index


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