Hybrid Cloud Storage

What is Hybrid Cloud Storage?

As data moves from on-premises data centers to the public cloud and to edge computing devices, enterprise data storage has increasingly moved to a hybrid cloud storage model, where data is stored on the infrastructure that will leverage the processing power of the public cloud. In Gartner’s Hybrid Cloud Storage Market Guide (subscription required), they recommend that infrastructure and operations leaders identify the right workloads, types of data and use cases for cloud data storage and prioritize hybrid cloud storage solutions that support cloud-native access.

In the 2021 Komprise Unstructured Data Management Survey, 50% of enterprises responded that they have data stored in a mix of on-premises and cloud-based storage and 56% stated that their top priority is cloud data migration.

Download the State of Unstructured Data Management report. 


In August 2022, Komprise published the 2nd annual State of Unstructured Data Management Report.

Unstructured Data Management

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