Smarter, Faster, Proven Cloud File Data Migration

Eliminate the headaches of cloud data migrations. Migrate petabytes of NAS and file data, or object data, simply and reliably with Komprise patented Elastic Data Migration. Get full file fidelity, reliably fast data transfer, and intelligent data migrations using analytics. Unlike gateways, there is no expensive infrastructure needed. Turbocharge your file and object cloud migrations with Hypertransfer.

Cloud File Data Migration

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  • Know what data to migrate to the cloud and when
  • Analyze across any NAS, Object storage to understand data usage and plan migrations
  • Migrate from any NFS, SMB or S3/Object source to any file or object storage in the cloud
  • Migrate On-premises, Cloud Data Migration, or Cloud-to-Cloud
  • Patented Elastic Data Migration automatically parallelizes to maximize performance
  • Benchmarks show Komprise runs over 27 times faster than generic tools for cloud data migrations
  • Fully preserves all permissions, access controls and file metadata
  • MD5 Checksums on every file with detailed reporting for audits
  • Migrate many shares and buckets simultaneously. Komprise makes it easy to manage all your migrations from a central console.
  • Run multiple iterations and perform a quick final cutover to minimize any user disruption.

Komprise is the only unstructured data migration solution that gives you the option to cut 70%+ cloud data storage costs by placing cold data in Object classes while maintaining file metadata so it can be promoted in the cloud as files when needed. Get the easiest, fastest, no lock-in path to the cloud with Komprise Intelligent Data Management. Compare Komprise Elastic Data Management to free and point cloud data migration tools to map out your cloud migration path.

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A Faster Path to the Cloud for Your File Data

File data can be petabytes of data and billions of files. Migrating this much unstructured data to the cloud takes time and can be disruptive. Planning and analytics are required for any file cloud data migration. Planning a cloud data migration of your file and object data? Do you try free cloud data migration tools, point cloud migration tools, or Komprise Elastic Data Migration? Take a moment to better understand your cloud data migration choices.

We’ve reviewed your options when it comes to migrating and tiering file data to the cloud:

  • Lift and Shift Cloud Data Migration
  • Cloud Data Tiering

Not all cloud file data migration and cloud data tiering options are the same.

Or, maybe you’re using cloud tiering as a starting point. You’ll want to read our latest white paper that is focused specifically on cloud tiering solutions: Storage-based, Cloud Storage Gateways, File-based – which is better and why?

For an overview of migrating file data to the cloud, check out The Fast, No Lock-In Path to the Cloud. Let us know if you have file migration questions or would like to schedule an assessment to see how we can help you know first, move smart, and take control of unstructured data growth.

Why is cloud file data migration so difficult?

File data can be petabytes of data and billions of files. Migrating this much unstructured data to the cloud takes time and can be disruptive. That is why understanding your data (“know first”) and properly planning your cloud migrations will eliminate disruption and unintended costs. Komprise analyzes across your storage to help you understand data usage and growth and plan the right migration strategy to cloud storage or cloud NAS.

But not all data migration and cloud data tiering solutions are the same.

Learn about Smart Data Migrations.

Understand your Path to Cloud Choices.

Read about ACE (Access Customer Environment).

What are some cloud file migration choices?

Cloud migration of file data can be complex, labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive. Understanding your migration options is essential.

  • Free Tool for Cloud File Migration: Many organizations start with free tools, which may be adequate of the volume and complexity of unstructured data is low, but typically require a lot of manual work and are not enterprise ready in terms of reliability, performance and architecture.
  • Point File Migration Solutions: These tools typically have complex legacy architectures and require a significant amount of professional services. As GigaOm wrote in their first Unstructured Data Migration Radar Report, “Migration-only solutions are still relevant for limited use cases, but ultimately, organizations should consider data migration as a broader discipline under data management initiatives.”​
  • Komprise Elastic Data Migration: Komprise is focused on making cloud file migrations simple, fast and reliable. Komprise eliminates sunk costs since you continue to use Komprise after the migration. And with a Smart Data Migration strategy, Komprise gives you the option to cut 70%+ cloud storage costs by placing cold data in Object classes while maintaining file metadata so it can be promoted in the cloud as files when needed.

Learn more about Komprise Elastic Data Migration.

What is Hypertransfer?

Komprise Hypertransfer solves the vexing challenge of WAN migrations of large-scale SMB data sets: chatty protocols causing high overhead, WAN latency and network bandwidth availability issues.

Read this paper and see the results of Komprise Hypertransfer performance testing. Komprise Elastic Data Migration functionality delivers 25x performance gains compared to other tools.

Read the Hypertransfer white paper.

Top Considerations for Cloud File Migrations.

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