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Komprise_NetAppInsightWebinar_blogthumbIn December 2022, NetApp announced it would be changing the name of their Cloud Manager product to NetAppt BlueXP. NetApp has a blue logo and the idea is that with a single console you can get the full “Blue Experience” (aka BlueXP). According to the website, NetApp BlueXP lets you “build and operate an efficient, resilient, secure, and performant hybrid multicloud data estate through a single control plane: Storage, Mobility, Protection, Analysis and Control.”

Blocks & Files covered the launch, summarizing BlueXP as, “a software control plane to manage a customer’s data estate in a hybrid on-premises and multi-cloud environment with extensibility beyond NetApp tech.”

NetApp customers should be thrilled that the company is seeking to unify the management of their hybrid solutions. BlueXP is a cloud console for managing both on-premises and cloud-based NetApp products (OnTap, Data Sense, CloudSync, FabricPools, etc.), and each underlying product supports a different set of platforms and options. It is not a storage-agnostic unstructured data management solution.

5 Requirements of a Unified Data Control Plane for Unstructured Data

Here are five requirements you must ensure are in place if you are looking for a modern approach to unstructured data visibility and mobility which achieves maximum data storage price/performance optimization and data value:

  1. Ease of set up and administration.  How many admin guides are there?
  2. Agentless architecture. Can the solution scale across environments without complexity?
  3. Visibility + mobility. Can the solution provide actionable data and storage insights?
  4. Native data access. Is the solution in the hot data path or outside?
  5. Unlock data value. Does the solution lock you in or free your data?

Why unstructured data management should be data storage agnostic.


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