Data Hoarding

What is Data Hoarding?

Many IT teams are caught in an endless cycle of buying more data storage. Unstructured data is growing at record rates and this data is increasingly being stored across hybrid cloud infrastructure. This massive data growth and data mobility has only created more disconnected data silos. Just like hoarding has been recognized as a real problem in the real-world (see reality TV shows like Hoarders and Storage Wars), data hoarding is now being recognized as a growing challenge in the technology world. The result of this data hoarding is that data ends up being managed the same:

  • Cold data sits on expensive storage
  • Everything gets replicated
  • Everything gets backed up and backup windows are getting longer
  • Costs are spiraling out of control

The IDC report, How to Manage Your Data Growth Smarter with Data Literacy noted:

  • 60% of the storage budget is not really spent on storage. It’s spent on secondary copies of data for data protection – backups, backup software licenses, replication, and disaster recovery.
  • 1/3 of IT organizations are spending most of their IT storage on secondary data.

And with ransomware attacks on the rise, which increasingly target unstructured data, it’s increasingly important to find ways to product file data at manageable costs. Read the blog post: How to Protect File Data from Ransomware at 80% Lower Cost.

To address the data hoarding challenge and establish an Intelligent Data Management strategy, IDC recommends the following:

  1. Focus less on finding alternatives to store data better/faster and focus more on finding intelligent alternatives to unstructured data management.
  2. Use modern, next-generation cloud data management technologies that are lightweight and non-intrusive, and that demonstrate powerful return on investment.
  3. Aim to deliver continuous insights as a service to business and achieve speed of intelligence for a competitive edge.


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