Azure NetApp Files

What is Azure NetApp Files?

Azure NetApp Files is a cloud-based file storage service offered by Microsoft Azure that enables enterprise-grade file shares to be created and managed in the cloud. The service is built on NetApp’s technology and is designed to meet the high-performance, availability, and scalability requirements of enterprise file data workloads.

Azure NetApp Files provides a fully managed service that allows customers to deploy and manage high-performance file shares in Azure. It offers features such as NFS and SMB protocol support, file share snapshots, and data replication across Azure regions. Customers can also choose from different performance tiers and capacity sizes to optimize the cost and performance of their file shares.

Azure NetApp Files is commonly used for use cases such as database file shares, big data analytics, media and entertainment workloads, and high-performance computing. It provides a scalable, high-performance, and highly available solution for enterprise customers who need to store and manage large amounts of file data in the cloud.

Azure NetApp Files Data Management

Komprise first announced support for Azure NetApp Files in 2020:

By using Komprise Intelligent Data Management, customers can migrate file workloads to the cloud more than 27 times faster than with other solutions. They can also reduce cloud NAS by 70 percent by transparently archiving cold data from Azure NetApp Files to various Azure Blob storage classes. Komprise’s Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT) enables archived data to be viewed as files, native objects, or both. These new capabilities now allow Komprise to deliver the same on-premises NAS data management features to cloud-enabled NAS.

Read the white paper: Accelerate Cloud and NAS Migrations to NetApp CVO and Azure NetApp Files (ANF)

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