Isilon CloudPools (Dell EMC)

What are Isilon CloudPools?


Dell EMC PowerScale (formerly Isilon) CloudPools software provides policy-based automated tiering that allows for an additional storage tier for the Isilon cluster at your data center. This technology is a form of storage pools which are collections of storage volumes that often blend different tiers of storage into a logical pool or shared storage environment.

CloudPools supports tiering data from Dell PowerScale Isilon to public, private or hybrid cloud options. This technology moves archived files to the destination storage in a proprietary format and then references the moved files via stubs. File data access from the object storage is not possible, eliminating the use of cloud-based functions such as AI/ML. Functions such as backup by external application or migration to new storage array require full rehydration of data leading to egress fees from cloud storage and the need to retain on-prem storage capacity.

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