Analytics-driven Data Management

Analytics-driven data management is a core principle of the standard-based platform of Komprise Intelligent Data Management that’s based on data insight and automation to strategically and efficiently manage and move unstructured data at massive scale. With Komprise, you can know first, move smart, and take control of massive unstructured data growth while cutting 70% of your enterprise data storage costs, including backup and cloud costs.


Know First: Get insight into your data before you invest. See across your data storage silos, vendors, and clouds to make informed storage and backup decisions.

  • Analyze any NAS, S3
  • Plan and project storage cost savings
  • Search, tag, build virtual data lakes with a global file index

Cloud-Migration-3@3x-400x400Move Smart: Ensure the right data is in the right place at the right time. Establish analytics-driven policies to manage data based on its need, usage, and value.

Deliver-Value-3@3x-400x400Take Control: Get back to the business at hand while reducing your storage, backup, and cloud costs and get the fastest, easiest path to the cloud for your file and object data.

  • Ensure you have data mobility and avoid storage-vendor lock-in
  • Open, standards-based platform
  • Native cloud access

Read the Komprise Architecture Overview white paper.


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