Google Cloud Platform and Komprise Data Management

Archiving Cold Data to Cloud

Typically, 60% to 80% of data is infrequently accessed within months of creation, yet consumes the same expensive resources as hot data. Komprise identifies cold data and then moves it transparently to a Google Cloud Platform based on customer-defined policies.

Customers can pick different Cloud Storage classes, including Coldline Storage, as targets for the data. The cost model used by Komprise can be modified by the customer to use their own costs, so they can get a customized ROI. Komprise also projects the 3-year savings based on historical growth rates on their data.  For more details, read the Komprise Google Whitepaper.

Key Benefits

  • Active archiving: Based on research done by Komprise, over 60-80% of data is infrequently accessed and cold within months of creation; Komprise is used to identify the cold data and move it continuously to the cloud. Customers typically save over 70% of storage costs through active archiving.
  • Replication in the cloud: Many businesses want to keep a copy of their data in the cloud for redundancy and disaster recovery purposes. The Komprise copy policy continuously copies data to the cloud to provide a replication site.
  • Disaster recovery: In a disaster recovery situation, this archived data needs to be accessed as quickly as possible. Komprise enables you to access the data directly from Google Compute Engine.


Google Cloud Platform & Komprise Video

Archive data transparently to Google Cloud with Komprise

Google Cloud Platform & Komprise Whitepaper

Archive data transparently to Google Cloud with Komprise