Komprise for Pure Storage Data Management Use Cases:

Pure Storage Data Migration Pure Storage Analytics Pure Tiering, Archive, Copy, Pure Data Management
Pure FlashArray File Services (FlashArray//X, FlashArray//C) check-purple check-purple check-purple
Pure FlashBlade(FlashBlade//S, FlashBlade//E based on Purity 4.1x) check-purple check-purple


Komprise along with both FlashBlade//S and FlashBlade//E offers a unique proposition for enterprises to tier their inactive out of high-performance, top tier FlashBlade//S to the capacity and cost optimized FlashBlade//E.
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Komprise and Pure Storage Data Management

Pure Storage is a hardware, software and as-a-service company that delivers several Flash storage products for the enterprise data center, including FlashArray, FlashStack (a network, storage and compute appliance) and FlashBlade, native scale-out file and object storage. Pure Storage is a reseller of Komprise, which tiers and migrates NAS data to Pure products and replicates data and file shares on Pure Storage FlashArray. Learn more about the Komprise and Pure Storage partnership.

Analyze Before You Migrate

Komprise Intelligent Data Management gives you analytics across your NAS and clouds so you can find the right data sets to migrate to Pure Storage FlashArray File Services and FlashBlade.

Migrate 27 Times Faster

Accelerate data migrations to Pure FlashArray File Services and Pure FlashBlade with Komprise Elastic Data Migration. Migrates data with elastic parallelism and full data fidelity for fast, reliable data migrations of NFS, SMB and S3 data to Pure.

Replicate FlashArray File Services

Maintain business continuity of file shares, home directories, VDI profiles and any NFS, SMB data on Pure Storage FlashArray File Services with Komprise. Replicate entire shares or specific directories based on your schedule with fast performance and streamlined management.

Komprise Asynchronous Replication for FlashArray Files delivers:
  • Granular Data Replication: Since file data sets can be  large, customers can choose whether to replicate entire shares or specific managed directories. Users can also schedule replications to fit customer needs.
  • Streamlined Management: Manage multiple FlashArray replications with a single intuitive console. Automate enterprise-scale replications using APIs.
  • Better Availability: Minimize data loss with a consistent replication copy that is always available. Replicate to another FlashArray with speed and agility.
Cut Costs with Zero Disruption

Locate and move inactive, cold data from more expensive flash and backups without affecting user access to the moved data.

Maximize Performance

Komprise leverages the concurrency and performance of Pure FlashBlade and Pure FlashArray File Services. Komprise for Pure tiering and Pure data management runs in the background with zero interference. Start small and easily scale on-demand to handle petabytes and beyond by simply adding more virtual machines.

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