Together, Komprise and Pure Storage enable your organization to:

Analyze Before You Migrate
With analytics-driven migration and data management from Komprise, you can choose the right data to migrate from any NAS or object to Pure FlashBlade. Once the data is on Pure FlashBlade, maximize your Flash investment and performance using Komprise to continually offload cold data.

Move Data Efficiently
Komprise efficiently moves data in parallel as one or more virtual machines with no dedicated infrastructure. Pick any NFS or SMB source, choose FlashBlade as the destination and Komprise does the rest. Using fault-tolerant, highly available architecture, Komprise resiliently moves your data with NTFS permissions intact, handling failures automatically for reliable data migrations.

Save Costs with Zero Disruption
Make Flash affordable by finding and offloading your inactive cold data from more expensive Flash and backups without affecting user access to the moved data.

Maximize Performance
Optimized to leverage the concurrency and performance of Pure FlashBlade, Komprise runs in the background with zero interference using your current environment. Start small and easily scale on-demand to handle petabytes and beyond by simply adding more virtual machines.