Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is the estimation of space, hardware, software, and connection infrastructure resources that will be needed a period of time. In reference to the enterprise environment, there is a common concern over whether or not there will be enough resources in place to handle an increasing number of users or interactions. The purpose of capacity planning is to have enough resources available to meet the anticipated need, at the right time, without accumulating unused resources. The goal is to match the resource of availability to the forecasted need, in the most cost-efficient manner for maximum data storage cost savings.

True data capacity planning means being able to look into the future and estimate future IT needs and efficiently plan where data is stored and how it is managed based on the SLA of the data. Not only must you meet the future business needs of fast-growing unstructured data, you must also stay within the organization’s tight IT budgets. And, as organizations are looking to reduce operational costs with the cloud (see cloud cost optimization), deciding what data can migrate to the cloud, and how to leverage the cloud without disrupting existing file-based users and applications becomes critical.

Data storage never shrinks, it just relentlessly gets bigger. Regardless of industry, organization size, or “software-defined” ecosystem, it is a constant stress-inducing challenge to stay ahead of the storage consumption rate. That challenge is not made any easier considering that typically organizations waste a staggering amount of data storage capacity, much of which can be attributed to improper capacity management.

Are you making capacity planning decisions without insight?

Komprise enables you to intelligently plan storage capacity, offset additional purchase of expensive storage, and extend the life of your existing data storage by providing visibility across your storage with key analytics on how data is growing and being used, and interactive what-if analysis on the ROI of using different data management objectives. Komprise moves data based on your objectives to secondary storage, object storage or cloud storage, of your choice while providing a file gateway for users and applications to transparently access the data exactly as before.


With an analytics-first approach, Komprise provides visibility into how data is growing and being used across storage silos. Storage administrators and IT leaders no longer have to make storage capacity planning decisions without insight. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, you’ll understand how much more storage will be needed, when and how to streamline purchases during planning.


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