Reduce Costs of Storing Media

The sheer volume of media being produced is growing at an ever-accelerating rate. To keep pace, top media and entertainment organizations are generating vast libraries of assets that they need to maintain, manage and keep accessible. How does IT handle this explosion of data when budgets are staying flat or even shrinking?

They Use Komprise.

Komprise provides a comprehensive solution for managing data that provides media and entertainment organizations crucial analytics and insight into their data as well as the tools they need to lower storage costs by up to 70% without disruption to their users or applications.

The old way of having users remember asset tags to retrieve cold media archives is no longer tenable. Komprise enables us to have an “always-on” archive – data is fully accessible even when kept on cold storage

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Key Benefits for Media & Entertainment

Cost Saving

Maximize your tight IT budget by identifying and moving inactive (cold) data off expensive on primary storage using Komprise. Komprise lets you identify cold data across your organization and set policies that are both cost-effective and can be customized for different media types and business unit.

Simple to Use

Komprise is radically simple to deploy and use. In 15 minutes, you can start getting visibility into data growth and usage. Use our planning and analysis tools to plug in your unique costs to get real ROI calculations based on the objectives you can set globally or modify for each business unit.


Komprise moves data transparently so users and applications see their files as if nothing has changed. Komprise does this without the use of static stubs or by making changes to hot data paths so you always will have access to files.

Modern Architecture

Both the fidelity and sheer volume of media are exploding. Komprise software utilizes a shared-nothing grid architecture that grows on demand and to handle this massive scale of data with intelligent automation.

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