Can I point Komprise at my production storage? What impact will users have?

Yes, there will be no noticeable impact to users and applications when you point Komprise at your production storage and start analyzing it.
This is because Komprise uses an adaptive architecture – Komprise automatically throttles back as your primary storage and network resources are actively used, so that Komprise runs non-intrusively in the background. Think of Komprise as a housekeeper of data – just as a good housekeeper should never get in the way, Komprise too runs non-intrusively in the background. Learn more about Komprise Transparent Move Technology.

Can I get a trial or assessment? How does that work?

Yes, and with your real data!
You can see for yourself how simple Komprise is to deploy and operate, and assess how much cold data is in your environment, and the cost savings of using Komprise to transparently tier and archive cold data to less expensive secondary cloud storage or object storage of your choice.
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How is Komprise different from cloud gateways?

While Komprise moves data to the cloud and provides a file gateway to the moved data for transparent access from the source, Komprise is intelligent and does not incur the high retrieval costs and performance degradation of cloud gateways. Unlike cloud gateways that incur high data retrieval costs and require dedicated hardware for hot data because they are using the cloud as primary storage, Komprise is intelligent, analytics-driven and uses the customer’s existing storage for the hot data and the cloud for inactive/cold data.

Komprise minimizes data retrieval costs, has no impact on the hot data path, requires no dedicated hardware, and works with existing storage without any rip and replace. Komprise helps you leverage the cloud while minimizing data retrieval and transfer costs so that you get the best of both worlds – lower cost of operations, greater flexibility but without high retrieval fees and unexpected transfer costs. Read the white paper: Storage-Based vs. Gateways vs. File-Based Cloud Tiering and the blog post Cloud Storage Gateways – A Good Choice for Cloud Migration?

How is Komprise different from other data management solutions?

90% of the worlds’ data has been created in the last 2 years. Komprise was built from the ground up to solve today’s data management challenges such as analyzing and managing large scale environments but without the high cost, complexity and specialized skills to operate and administer of legacy software.

Unlike legacy data management solutions that disrupt performance and are costly and complex to deploy, Komprise is a modern scale-out solution that deploys in 15 min, requires no agents on the storage, scales to handle massive data without any central database or bottlenecks, and works with any NFS, SMB/CIFS and REST/S3 storage.

How is Komprise different from storage tiering solutions?

Unlike storage array tiering solutions that treat the cloud like just another storage platter within the array and internally move blocks to and from the cloud within their filesystem without allowing native access in the cloud to the moved data, Komprise is an open file-based solution that enables access to the data either from the cloud itself or from the source, and retains a 1-1 mapping between files and objects, and requires no additional array software licensing to work. Komprise is not limited to any particular storage vendor and it works across any NFS, SMB/CIFS and REST/S3 storage. Why Komprise is the Easy, Fast, No Lock-In Path to the Cloud.

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