Join us as we dig into new topics and open it up to your questions with our seasoned panel of unstructured data management experts. There are two types of sessions:

  • 30 minute customer success best practices
  • 10-15 minute feature overview sessions

Both are a great place to learn tips and tricks and tackle your tech questions. Be sure to also check them out on our YouTube channel.

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Check out the topics we’ve served up for customers to learn best practices.

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Date Title Description JOIN ▼
On-Demand 15. Elastic Replication Replication for unstructured data – is NAS mirroring too expensive? Learn about Komprise Elastic Replication – what is it and what’s next. Watch Now
On-Demand 14. Digging Deeper into Deep Analytics Review the Deep Analytics Director Explorer, setting up Deep Analytics users, tagging vs. queries, what’s new and what’s next. Watch Now
On-Demand 13. Reporting Update and Best Practices Find out what are the most popular new prebuilt report, see a demo and get an update on the roadmap. Watch Now
On-Demand 12. What’s New in Komprise 5x Elastic Data Migration  Get an overview of 3 new use cases supported and see demonstrations of what’s new in Komprise Elastic Data Migration 5x. Watch Now
On-Demand 11. What’s New in Komprise 5x: Storage Insights Get an overview of the new Data Stores interface and see a demo of what’s new from product management. Watch Now
On-Demand 10. Migration Best Practices Learn some tips and tricks and suggestions for successful migrations from Benjamin Henry, Komprise Field CTO Watch Now
On-Demand 9. Unlock Unrealized Savings with Komprise Deep Analytics Learn some tips and tricks and suggestions for Deep Analytics use cases from Benjamin Henry, Komprise Field CTO Watch Now
On-Demand 8. Performance Best Practices and Troubleshooting Overview of all of our performance sessions with a deep time into troubleshooting strategies. Watch Now
On-Demand 7. New Reports Tab and Showback Report Review the new Reports Tab and some of the new reports now available to accelerate insights. Watch Now
On-Demand 6. Hypertransfer for WAN Migrations Watch and overview of Hypertransfer for 25x faster WAN migrations of file and object data. Watch Now
On-Demand 5. Analysis Overview and Best Practices  Watch an overview of the core analysis capabilities, featuring Steve Moore. Watch Now
On-Demand 4. Performance Best Practices (Part 2 – WAN)

In this 4th session, Komprise Customer Success Architect Benjamin Henry reviews best practices to ensure optimal file data migration and tiering across the WAN.

Watch Now
On-Demand 3. Komprise Performance Best Practices (Part 1) In this 3rd webinar in the series, Scott and Paul bring in Benjamin Henry, to review best practices for data migration and data tiering performance tuning. Watch Now
On-Demand 2. Deep Analytics Actions Use Cases In this second in the Customer Success Series series, Komprise Director of Product Management Paul Chen dives into best practices for running Deep Analytics Actions and Smart Data Workflows and explores the most common use cases we’re seeing customers adopt. Watch Now
On-Demand 1. Komprise Deep Analytics,  Tagging In this first Customer Success 30 minute webinar we introduce Deep Analytics and provide a series of demonstrations. Our head of product management Paul Chen provides a deep-dive overview. Watch Now

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Komprise TechKrunch Best Practices Menu

Learn about specific features and see demonstrations in these 10-15 minute sessions. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Date Title Description Register ▼
On-Demand ROI Analysis with Komprise

    Komprise engineers will demonstrate using our Global File Index to create an ROI model. The demonstration will review connecting to storage, discovery of data assets across the enterprise, running analytics and cold data definition.

Watch Now
On-Demand New Feature: Multisite Deep Dive

    In this multisite TechKrunch session you’ll see how multiple sites are managed from a single Director and dashboard, enabling centralized management for cost and performance optimization, providing a consolidated view across all sites in your deployment.

Watch Now
On-Demand Deep Analytics Actions with One Global File Index Watch Now
On-Demand Enhance Ransomware Defense – Cloud Tiering and Immutable Storage
  • Short demo on how to use Komprise for moving and tiering files to a WORM-Compliant object store target as additional protection against ransomware
Watch Now
On-Demand Komprise TMT (Transparent Move Technology): Dynamic Links Deep Dive
  • Komprise approach to file-based data tiering (TMT)
  • Moves all of your data
  • Leaves a symbolic link behind
Watch Now
On-Demand Migrating NFS & SMB Data with Komprise
  • Short demo of selecting and running data migrations
  • Komprise Multi-Level Parallelism & Protocol Optimization
  • Achieve 7-25x performance with Elastic Data Migration
Watch Now
On-Demand Intelligent Data Management for Nutanix
  • Analytics and Planning
  • File Data Migrations to Nutanix
  • Transparent Data Archiving/Tiering from Nutanix
  • Native Access to Tiered Data
Watch Now
On-Demand Async Replication for Pure FlashArray Files
  • Ensuring Recovery Copy Availability
  • Handling Errors and Failures
  • Handling Schedule Overruns
  • Failover and Failback for Pure Storage
Watch Now
On-Demand Cloud-to-Cloud Data Replication
  • Continuous replication from one cloud to another
  • Manage replication for hot and cold data differently
  • Copy from your NAS to S3 to have a second copy in the cloud
Watch Now
On-Demand Data Migration or Data Tiering/Archiving – What Makes Sense and When?
  • The Copy function and the NAS use case
  • Data Migration with no cutover and the difference between Data Replication
  • Data Migration with cutover and the NAS use case
Watch Now
On-Demand Transparent Tiering for Microsoft Azure Files and Azure BLOB Watch Now
On-Demand Komprise “Confine Function” – What the heck is it?
  • Clean out the cold and dormant files
  • Build automated plan
  • Understand Komprise “confine” function
Watch Now
On-Demand Using data analytics & modeling
  • How to find how much cold data you have
  • How customers are finding different types of cold data
  • Ask your cold data questions
Watch Now
On-Demand How to find hot data for migrations
  • Know what data to migrate to an all-flash environment and how to do it
  • Ask your migration questions
Watch Now
On-Demand How to access archived data in the cloud
  • Native S3 access to archived file data
  • Discuss different data access options
  • Ask your archive questions
Watch Now

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