Komprise puts you in control of your unstructured data—not your storage, cloud, or backup vendor—so you can know, move, manage, and harness data anywhere.

Smarter, Faster, Cost-Effective Data Management Massive Data Growth Needs a New Approach

As data growth continues to explode, proprietary solutions cannot scale. You need visibility across your storage in order to understand your data, manage costs, and extract value. You need intelligent data management across your silos of data storage—one place to see and manage all of your data, on-premises and in the cloud without interfering with hot data access.

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Storage Tiering Solutions are Limited and Proprietary

Proprietary tiering solutions are limited, cumbersome to manage, and they lock-in your data. You need a way to analyze, mobilize and optimize the value of your unstructured data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments without lock-in.

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Cloud Tiering Solutions are too Simplistic

Cloud vendor tiering solutions don’t provide enough flexibility to meet your unique needs and only work on a subset of your enterprise storage. Managing multiple cloud data archive and tiering solutions creates unnecessary costs and complexity.

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Don’t Compromise. Komprise. Komprise puts you in control of your data and provides an easy path to the cloud. Know, manage, and move data to the right place at the right time without lock-in. With analytics-driven data management-as-a-service you get:

Data Insight

Data growth is exploding. Budgets are not. Buying more storage and treating all of your data.

Data Mobility

Migrate, archive, tier, and move the right data to the right place at the right time.

Open Standards

Work across any storage using standard protocols and no proprietary interfaces.

Cloud Native Access

Use data as files or objects anywhere without lock-in, without expensive rehydration.

See What Intelligent Data
Management Can Do For You

Get insights on petabytes of data and make smarter investment decisions.

Get a single view across cloud accounts, buckets and save on cloud costs.

Tier cold data off NAS and Object storage without disrupting user access.

Migrate up to 27 times faster than generic tools with smarter data migration.

Search, find, and tag files across storage and create a virtual data lake.

Protect your data without expensive NAS mirroring.


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10 Things to Know About Komprise

  • No Silos
  • No Impact on Hot Data
  • No Hardware to Deploy
  • No Storage Agents
  • No Stubs
  • No Scaling Limits
  • No Costly Licenses
  • No Complex Configurations
  • No Disruption
  • No Changes to User Access
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