Save on Storage with Komprise

“Software That Automates and Controls On-Prem Storage Costs and Cloud Data Tiering.”


Cut on Cloud Tiering Egress Costs

Komprise analysis shows that on a petabyte of data, storage-array cloud tiering solutions create 75% higher cloud egress charges than necessary across sequential reads, random reads and defragmentation.


Cut on Cloud Gateways Costs

Cloud storage gateways can result in 300% higher annual costs than using a file-level data management solution. They can be an effective backup strategy but don’t make sense for migrations.

Why Enterprise IT Loves Komprise Intelligent Data Management

At Komprise our mission is smarter, faster data management—no stubs, no agents, open standards, native data access everywhere. Analyze, mobilize, and manage unstructured data at any scale across your storage and clouds—without lock-in.



Know first and make smarter investment decisions.


Cloud Tiering

Right size your data – right place, right time. No lock-in.


Transparent Archive

Archive cold data off NAS and Object storage without disruption.


Data Migration

27X faster than point solutions and free tools.


No Lock-in

Maintain control and native data access everywhere.

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