Transparent Move Technology

Transparent Move Technology refers to an approach for Data Tiering, Data Archiving and Data Management that moves cold files transparently such that:
  1. Komprise-TMT-blog-social-3The archived files can still be viewed and opened from the original location so users and applications do not need to change their data access.
  2. The archived files can be accessed via the original file protocols even if they are archived on an object repository.
  3. There is no change to the data path for the hot data that is not archived.  So there are no server or client side agents or static stubs.
  4. Accessing archived files does not cause the data to be brought back or rehydrated.  The approach is transparent to backup software and other applications.

Read the white paper: Transparent Move Technology – Leverage the Full Power of the Cloud without Disrupting Users and Applications with Komprise TMT

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