What is Treesize?

Treesize is a free disk space analysis utility written by Jam Software. According to Wikipedia, the first version of TreeSize was programmed by Joachim Marder in 1996.

Treesize has become a term used to describe the amount of storage space that a storage directory or folder (and its contents) take up on a computer’s hard drive. Treesize is a measure of the overall size of all files and subfolders within a particular directory. Knowing this information his been useful for storage administrators and IT teams managing hard drive space and identifying which files or folders are taking up the most space.

Going Beyond Basic Disk Analysis

komprise-analysis-overview-white-paper-SOCIAL-2-768x402As enterprise data storage is increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud, IT operations and storage teams need visibility and analysis across all unstructured data so they always know what data they have, how much is hot, how much is cold, how fast data is growing and data storage costs across silos. This is why storage-agnostic unstructured data management solutions that provide aggregate metrics in addition to information by share or directory and the ability to move data by policy has become essential to enterprise IT and line of business teams. It’s also important to have a tool that can scale to the needs of the enterprise. That’s where Komprise comes in. Check out the Komprise Directory Explorer.

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