Optimize Data Storage Spending with Insight

Quickly gain visibility across storage silos and the cloud and make data-driven decisions. Plan what to migrate, what to tier, and understand the financial impact with an analytics-driven approach to unstructured data management and mobility. Komprise Analysis is available as a standalone SaaS solution and is included with Komprise Elastic Data Migration and the full Komprise Intelligent Data Management Platform.

Complete File and Object Data Storage Visibility

  • Use combinations of storage sources, targets and tiering plans to identify savings opportunities.
  • Use the dynamic FinOps tools to compare on-premises versus cloud cost models or factor in cloud tiering or adopting a new NAS platform.
  • Komprise Analysis scales across hundreds of petabytes with no performance impact to storage.
  • Komprise Analysis is built to handle today’s massive scale of data: no central bottlenecks, databases or servers to limit scalability.
  • Understand data characteristics to address data retention, data segregation and other use cases for compliance and security.
  • Use FinOps cost model metrics to create data lifecycle management policies.
  • Understand file system and network topology performance bottlenecks before they impact data movement.
  • Understand requirements for bandwidth, latency, firewalls and more to define the right path to the cloud.
  • The Reports tab includes a library of pre-built reports, including:
    • Showback: See departmental storage costs, potential savings and a breakdown by top shares, users and file type.
    • Cost Savings: Understand projected cost savings and data growth projections for data management plans.
    • Data Stores: See all data stores across locations, vendors and clouds to easily sort across metrics such as latest data and cold shares.

Komprise Analysis Prebuilt Reports


Data Storage Cost Savings

Komprise Analysis brings unprecedented insights into file and object data storage usage and growth trends and financial costs.

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Improve line of business collaboration. Learn about the power of showback and getting departments to care about data storage cost savings.

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Library of Reports

See the expanding library of pre-built reports available with Komprise Analysis.


What is Komprise Analysis?

Komprise Analysis is available as a standalone solution for enterprises who want visibility first and are not yet ready to move (migrate, tier, copy, confine, etc.) file and object data. It includes customizable reports along with dynamic interactive analysis capabilities. Komprise Analysis and reporting are also included with Komprise Elastic Data Migration and the full Komprise Intelligent Data Management Platform.

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What are some of the benefits of Komprise for unstructured data analysis?

Get Visibility Across Storage Silos Quickly
Komprise Analysis is easy to set up and easy to use, allowing your organization to analyze billions of files across any file and object storage (including NetApp, Dell EMC, Windows, Pure Storage, Azure, AWS and more) without having to move any data. Quickly gain visibility across all your file and object storage — on-prem or in private or public clouds — so you know how much data you have, what types, who’s using it and how fast data volumes are growing. Identify where your hot data should go, and how much you can save by transparently tiering cold data from your datacenter to the cloud.

Make Data-Driven Decisions: Predict Savings and Plan
Discussing storage financial modeling is an excellent opportunity to review your actual data ownership costs. Data
ownership costs include not just the on-premises, cloud or edge infrastructure where the data resides, but also the
costs to protect the data from mistakes or loss and ensure future access.

  • Komprise allows you to capture these costs and weigh them with your actual amount of unstructured data to
    calculate your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Editable cost model allows you to put in your own cost values and play with different scenarios.
  • Share pre-built reports showing your Return on Investment (ROI) with your senior stakeholders.
  • Start moving data by simply activating the plan at any time!

Show Ongoing Value of Unstructured Data Management: Upgrade to Move and Manage Data
With Komprise Analysis you can show user groups their cold data and potential cloud tiering savings. Easily review with executives and key stakeholders the state of your unstructured data and when you’re ready, get started with the full suite of Komprise Intelligent Data Management capabilities. See across data silos.

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