Komprise Hypertransfer is Here: 25X Faster Cloud File Migrations


According to Wikipedia, the concept of the “hyperloop” was first conceived in 1799 to address rail transportation challenges. Fast forward 200+ years later and it’s still an interesting idea that could eventually become a reality as the “fifth mode of transportation” after road, air, water and rail.

When it comes to the transportation of unstructured data across a wide area network (WAN), there have also been challenges, resulting in slow, unpredictable, expensive and even failed cloud migrations.

Some of these cloud file migration roadblocks include:

  • Billions of (mostly small) files: Unstructured data migrations often require moving billions of files, the vast majority of which are small files that have tremendous overhead, causing data transfers to be slow.
  • Chatty protocols: Server message block (SMB) protocol workloads—which can be user data, electronic design automation (EDA) and other multimedia files or corporate shares—are problematic since the protocol requires many back-and-forth handshakes which increase traffic over the network.
  • WAN latency: Network file protocols are extremely sensitive to high-latency network connections, which are unavoidable in WAN migrations.
  • Limited network bandwidth: Bandwidth is often limited or not always available, causing data transfers to become slow, unreliable and difficult to manage.

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25X Faster SMB Migrations with Hypertransfer

To address these cloud migration challenges, today Komprise is introducing Hypertransfer for Elastic Data Migration, which creates dedicated virtual channels across the WAN to accelerate cloud data migrations. By establishing dedicated channels to send data, Komprise Hypertransfer minimizes the WAN roundtrips, which mitigates SMB protocol chattiness and dramatically improves data transfer rates. Tests done using a data set dominated by small files show how Komprise accelerates cloud data migration 25x faster than other alternatives.

Komprise already delivers 27x faster performance for NFS migrations.


Komprise Hypertransfer creates dedicated virtual channels across the WAN to accelerate cloud data migrations.

Hypertransfer is specifically designed to address the slow transfer rate associated with small SMB files. Migrations that used to take 25 days to complete can now finish in about a day—but this is not merely about time savings. Consider that migrations take precious person-hours and sometimes professional service hours—you can now get to the cloud faster with a much lower investment.

Smart-Data-Migration-600x600-3-400x400Shorter migration windows lower the risk of network outages and other transient errors that make migrations a headache. Komprise also has built-in capabilities to minimize errors and data loss, such as auto-retries and checksum processes to verify that the files transfer correctly. Point tools do not provide this verification and as such are not ideal for large scale, enterprise migrations.

Additionally, Hypertransfer strengthens security for data migrations as all file communication passes directly from the on-premises Observers to the cloud Windows Proxies through the private Hypertransfer channel. No part of the migration goes directly from on-premises systems to the cloud filers, and therefore the cloud filers themselves do not need to be exposed to any systems or network outside the cloud if that is not desired by the customer.

“Komprise made our data migration to the cloud as seamless as possible. While researching ways to move large amounts of data, we were confronted time and time again with limitations that made us believe the migration would never happen. Komprise was a sigh of relief for our entire team.”

David Passamonte
IT Manager at Molecular Pathology Lab Network, Inc.
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Other Komprise Elastic Data Migration Updates

With the latest release, Komprise administrators have more flexible data migration configuration settings to handle read-only sources and sources with access-time tracking disabled. There are several bulk recall UI updates and customers can now enable and disable data integrity checks to either ensure data accuracy or improve migration performance.

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