Cloud Data Management

Cloud data management is emerging as an alternative to data management using traditional on-premises software. Instead of buying on-premise storage resources and managing them, resources are bought on-demand in the cloud. . This service model allows organizations to receive dedicated cloud data management resources on an as-needed basis.

The benefits of cloud data management are speeding up technology deployment and reducing system maintenance costs; it can also provide increased flexibility to help meet changing business requirements.

But like other cloud computing technologies, cloud data management can introduce challenges – for example, data security concerns related to sending sensitive business data outside the corporate firewall for storage. Another challenge is the disruption to existing users and applications who may be using file-based applications on premise since the cloud is predominantly object based.

In practice, the design and architecture of a cloud varies among cloud providers. Service Level Agreements (SLA) represent the contract which captures the agreed upon guarantees between a service provider and its customers.

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