Enterprises transforming data management with Komprise.

Why Komprise?

Smarter, Faster Data Management

Komprise puts you in control of your unstructured data — not your storage, cloud, or backup vendor— so you can easily right-place data for both cost and performance.

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A Simple, Flexible Path to the Cloud

Move cold data to the right cloud tier transparently – no user or application disruption, no stubs, no agents, open standards and native data access everywhere.

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With Komprise, you can...

Know First


of data is “cold” within months of creation.

Get visibility across your data silos, across vendors, across clouds, and make informed storage and backup decisions.

Move Smart


faster than generic tools across multi-cloud and storage.

Cloud data migration? Cloud data tiering, archiving? Ensure the right data is in the right place at the right time.

Take Control


or more savings on your cloud storage costs and avoid lock-in.

Maximize the value of unstructured data, reduce storage, back-up, and cloud costs, ensure direct data access.

Our partner ecosystem works with your storage.

Don’t see your storage? Komprise works across NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3 and more.

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What's new?

Komprise Announces Multisite Support

Latest release enables enterprises and service providers to manage complex hybrid cloud storage architectures with global visibility and localized control.

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Komprise Doubles Revenue in First Half of 2021

Strong revenue, customer growth as IT organizations seek to right-place petabytes of unstructured data to cloud storage for savings and transparent data access.

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