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Why Komprise?

Data is growing exponentially, but IT budgets are not. Managing this flood of data, as it ages and becomes less valuable, can feel like a never-ending task.

Komprise analyzes, provides visibility and automatically moves data across NAS and cloud storage based on your policies to transparently archive data, lower DR costs and shrink backups.

  • No expensive licenses or hardware, 15-minute setup.
  • No storage agents, works across NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3.
  • No stubs, No changes to hot data/metadata paths.
  • No scaling limits.

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"Komprise is dead simple to use, it manages and replicates across on-premise and clouds."

Bill Moore, EMC Fellow, Co-author ZFS

We see immense benefits of using Komprise as it provides a ubiquitous layer across storage to analyze, manage and migrate data.

Jay Smestad, Senior Director Infrastructure Architecture

"Komprise gives IT leaders a new weapon in their arsenal to make data decisions."

Vice-President, Gartner

The addition of Komprise in our file sharing infrastructure has significantly improved our understanding of the data. Being able to sit down with clients and show them the data allows a level of understanding that was never before available. They are then able to make decisions about how to better manage their own data.

Steve DeGroat, Manager Enterprise Storage, Top Research University

"Komprise shows the zombie data and the millions we can save – visibility we never had before."

VP Global Storage, Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm

Komprise works across your storage infrastructure, without disruption or interference.

Don’t see your Storage? Komprise works across NFS, SMB/CIFS, REST/S3 and more.

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