Get instant insight into data across all NAS and Object data silos—from on-prem to the clouds. Identify savings, systemically move cold data transparently without any disruption to save costs, and get an easier, faster path to the cloud. Analyze, migrate, tier, archive, replicate, and manage data at scale simply and reliably. Don’t compromise. Komprise.


Dynamic Data Analytics

Analyze data across all your storage—on prem and in the cloud—to forecast savings and get more value from your unstructured data.

Dynamic Data Analytics

Know your NAS and Object data usage and growth before buying more storage; explore scenarios to forecast savings.

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Cloud Analytics

Analyze all your data across clouds and within cloud accounts and buckets to optimize costs.

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Deep Analytics

Search across billions of files, with custom query and tagging; build a virtual data lake for Big Data and AI projects.

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Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT)

Tier and archive cold data so seamlessly users won’t notice the difference. No agents, stubs, or hot data interference.

Zero disruption

Finally users and apps can access tiered and archived files exactly as before – workflows are unaffected.

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Full file fidelity at every tier

Reads archived files from secondary storage with all its metadata and full MD5 fidelity.

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No interference to hot data

Never get in the way of hot data. No rehydration for data access. Ever.

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Direct Data Access

Access your data wherever it’s stored, whenever you want, without rehydration. Because your moved data’s always intact, with Komprise you can extract data value with both file and cloud native access. No penalty. No lock-in.

Access files from any tier

Easily access moved files from the original location or the cloud with same access controls and metadata.

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Access data in native format

Access moved files as objects in the cloud – without Komprise. No vendor lock-in.

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No rehydration necessary

Access moved files from original tier, migrate, and backup data – all without rehydration.

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See What Intelligent Data Management Can Do For You

Komprise makes it easy to leverage one platform for all your analytics-driven data management needs in the hybrid, multi-cloud era.

Analyze Unstructured Data
Optimize Cloud Data
Cloud Data Migration
Archive Transparently
Migrate NAS and Object Data
Enable AI/Big Data
Create Cyber Resiliency
Deep Analytics

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