Data Sprawl

What is Data Sprawl?

Data sprawl describes the staggering amount of unstructured data produced by enterprises worldwide every day; with new devices, including enterprise and mobile applications added to a network, it is estimated data sprawl to be 40% year over year, into the next decade.

Given this growth in data sprawl, data security is imperative, as it can lead to enormous problems for organizations, as well as its employees and customers. In today’s fast-paced world, organizations must carefully consider how to best manage the precious information it holds.

Organizations experiencing unstructured data sprawl need to secure all of their endpoints. Security is critical. Addressing data security as well as remote physical devices ensure organizations are in compliance with internal and external regulations.

As the amount of security threats mount, it is critical that data sprawl is addressed. Taking the right steps to ensure data sprawl is controlled, via policies and procedures within an organization, means safeguarding not only internal data, but also critical customer data.

Organizations should develop solid practices that may have been dismissed in the past. Left unchecked, control of an organization’s unstructured data will continue to manifest itself in hidden costs and limited options. With a little evaluation and planning, it is an aspect of your network that can be improved significantly and will pay off long term.

Analyzing and Managing Unstructured Data: Getting Sprawl (and Costs) Under Control

According to this Geekwire article, Gartner estimates that unstructured data represents an astounding 80 to 90% of all new enterprise data, and it’s growing 3X faster than structured data. Komprise Intelligent Data Management rapidly analyzes file ad object unstructured data in-place across multi-vendor storage to provide aggregate analytics (e.g., how much data, how much is hot, how much is cold, what types, top users, etc.) as well as a Global File Index across cloud and on-prem environments. The Komprise Global File Index is highly efficient and scalable to handle billions of files, exabytes of data without the scalability issues of using a central database or any other centralized architectures. Customers can build queries using Komprise Deep Analytics to find the precise subset of data they need through any combination of metadata and tags, and then move, copy and tier that data using Deep Analytics Actions. Komprise combines in-place analytics with data movement and on-going data management to provide a closed-loop system that is intelligent and adapts to a customer’s unique needs. The functionality is also available via API.

Tackling Data Sprawl with Komprise Analysis


Komprise Analysis provides consistent unified insights into unstructured data across many vendors’ storage and cloud platforms. Key metrics include data volume, data growth rates, where data is stored, top owners, top file types/sizes and time of last access. Komprise can create cost models based on different storage targets and tiering plan that will show.

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