Classifying unstructured data entails organizing it based on its content, usage and context characteristics—details hidden in the metadata. Data classification brings structured to unstructured data which brings insights that are vital to managing data over its lifecycle. Data classification also allows departmental users to easily find and move the precise data sets needed for projects. Komprise Intelligent Data Management with Deep Analytics analyzes metadata and allows for additional enrichment and tagging of data. This creates a Google-like search experience for data across all storage—on-premises to the cloud.

Data tagging is a core feature in Komprise Intelligent Data Management. Tagging adds additional metadata to your file data in the form of key value pairs. These values give context to your data, allowing it to be easily found or associated with a project, study, or classification.


System-generated metadata includes time of creation, who created it, file size and type and when it was last accessed or modified. Komprise indexes this metadata across all unstructured data so you can classify data as “cold” or by file type or project/department. By entering your current storage costs and new storage projected costs, Komprise can show savings of moving cold or warm data to lower-cost storage for infrequent access.


For additional unstructured data classification, Komprise allows users to easily tag groups and directories of files with new metadata (such as project name). Komprise connects with third-party AI and ML tools which crack open file contents to search for keywords or data types, such as sensitive personal identifiable information (PII). Creating a Smart Data Workflow in Komprise can automate the process of sending data sets to an AI tool and tagging the results.


Komprise delivers a fast, automated and accurate method to classify and segment data for a variety of use cases. Identify and move PII and other regulated data to secure locations, satisfy requirements for eDiscovery and audits, find and delete duplicate and orphaned data, and tag and move the right data sets to data lakes and AI tools.

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What is data classification?

Data classification is the process of organizing data into tiers of information for data organizational purposes. Komprise has always focused on delivering analytics-driven unstructured data management. Know First. Move Smart. Take Control.

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What is Komprise Deep Analytics?

Finding just the right data across billions of files can be challenging. Komprise Deep Analytics enables you to search and find data that fits your specific criteria across storage. Use the search results, called the Global File Index, as a dynamic data lake to both plan unstructured data management and mobility as well as to enable new uses such as AI and big data analytics.

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