Reduce Storage Costs

As the amount of data created by the government continues to grow, agencies are increasingly prioritizing access, storage and backup. Government data is stored in a variety of formats and systems that support specific programs, department and agencies. How does IT handle this complex and rapidly growing storage footprint without disrupting critical applications, users or the constituents they ultimately serve?

Make smart data decisions

Understanding what type of data you have, who’s using it, how frequently, and how fast it’s growing can help you better manage the petabytes of data you are storing. With these insights you can make smart decisions about which data you can safely move to secondary storage to cut costs, shrink backups and reduce the footprint you need to actively manage. Komprise Intelligent Data Management is the answer.

Managing data growth within lean budgets is a key priority. By identifying cold data and managing it differently, we are able to do more with less.

Wendy Caesar, Director of Information Technology, Harris County
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Use Case


Bodycams, videos and other technology are creating huge data growth for municipalities. Komprise helps them identify cold data and transparently archive it to the cloud, reducing backup footprint and saving costs—with zero disruption.

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Key Benefits for the Public Sector

Save Costs With Data Insight and Control

Get insights into your data across storage silos, vendors, and technologies, so you can make the data moves you want to significantly reduce costs. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, agencies can stay in complete control of their data—no limits, no impact to users or apps, no vendor lock-in.

Komprise offers three unique capabilities that completely change the way you’re able to look at and control your agency’s data.

Know Your Data Across Your Storage

Within 15 minutes of deploying, Komprise Dynamic Data Analytics provides a unified view of your data across all of your different storage environments to help you build a cohesive storage strategy. With Komprise Dynamic Data Analytics, you can:

  • Gain understanding of data usage and trends to aid planning
  • Tailor storage policies for different projects and user groups
  • Conduct “what-if” policy scenarios to see the benefits pre-deployment

Move data for storage efficiency

Set your policies and Komprise Transparent Move Technology™ seamlessly migrates data without any changes to your user experience, applications, or hot data.

  • Move data to lower-cost storage alternatives without disruption
  • Archive data off primary storage to save and cut backup times
  • Ensure users can access their data the same as before

Stay in control of your data

With Direct Data Access, you can index, search, and use your data whenever you need it, wherever it’s located. Because Komprise always store files in the format native to the target storage device, you can:

  • Ensure your data doesn’t get locked into any one storage or backup solution
  • Migrate, backup, and reuse data, without having to rehydrate it
  • Ensure teams and departments can directly access their data wherever it goes

Learn how Komprise can help you take better control of your agency’s data to reduce storage costs.

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