Pure Storage FlashBlade

Pure Storage FlashBlade® is a consolidated storage platform for unstructured data, be it file or object, that is built for
unlimited scale. FlashBlade//S™ is designed to deliver the efficiency, density, and top performance that modern unstructured data needs at scale. FlashBlade//E™ is designed to deliver the environmental, ease of use, and reliability benefits of all-flash storage for unstructured data workloads, but at a cost competitive with disk-based storage solutions.

FlashBlade was built with better engineering in mind. The chassis itself was built for long-life, or multiple generations of hardware, in mind while including maximum rack density along with power efficiency. It incorporated unified fast file and object storage with always-on encryption and data compression.

Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Pure Storage FlashBlade

pure_tiering_kompriseWhile performance-optimized FlashBlade//S and capacity-optimized FlashBlade//E can scale-out to petabytes of data, organization can be most cost-effective by keeping data at the most relevant FlashBlade based on where data is in its lifecycle.
Komprise, a SaaS for unstructured data management and mobility, was designed with the understanding that data is always in motion and should not be treated the same. Komprise gives enterprises the ability to intelligently manage their data by identifying rarely accessed data from FlashBlade//S and transparently tiering it to FlashBlade//E without any changes to the user or application access. With Komprise Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT), users and applications access data in the same location as before with Komprise use of Dynamic Links. The combination of Komprise Intelligent Data Management with the FlashBlade line of high-performance, resilient storage ensures the optimal cost/performance ROI in the industry.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management software complements the FlashBlade portfolio of products by providing transparent data tiering. Komprise software can intelligently identify data across FlashBlade//S and transparently move infrequently accessed data to more cost-efficient FlashBlade//E without disruptions to user or application access. Komprise also provides Pure Storage customers with analytics across data silos, powerful data migration and ongoing data lifecycle management.

Read this white paper to further understand the need for transparent data tiering, suggested architecture, solution validations and the benefits.

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